Off the Beaten Path Exotic Thai Food: Bizarre Thai Food

Dare to Try: Sampling Thailand's Most bizarre & Exotic Thai Foods

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Thailand is a food lover’s paradise, with a vibrant street food scene and rich culinary traditions that offer a feast for the senses. But for those of you who want to take your taste buds on an extreme adventure, get ready to learn about some of the most bizarre and exotic Thai foods. Even we, who have been here for more than 10 years, have not tried most of these exotic dishes, and for many, we haven’t even come across them yet. From deep-fried insects to pungent fruits, these unique dishes are not only delicious but also provide a glimpse into the local culture and way of life. If you’re feeling brave, why not explore the wild and wacky world of Thai cuisine and discover a new favorite dish.

Thailand's most bizarre and exotic thai dishes - local delicacies you wont hear about - discovering phuket

Get ready for the strangest Thai street food!

1. Tum Kai Mot Daeng - Red Ant Egg Salad (ยำไข่มดแดง)

Get ready to spice up your taste buds with one of Thailand’s most unique delicacies – Red Ant Eggs! These eggs have a juicy texture and a zingy flavor that’s reminiscent of lime. Tum Kai Mot Daeng, a salad made with fresh Thai herbs and these eggs, is a popular dish.

2. Koong Ten - Dancing shrimp (กุ้งเต้น)

Chiang Mai, located in Northern Thailand, is the perfect destination for those looking to try the unique dish known as Koong Ten. Translating to “dancing shrimp,” Koong Ten is a big plate or bowl of tiny freshwater shrimp that live up to their name by jumping and dancing around. The shrimp are tossed in a mixture of fish sauce and a generous squeeze of lime juice, which is what gives the shrimp their lively movement. The citrusy flavor of the lime makes this dish not only an entertaining sight, but also a tantalizing treat.

3. Snacks, Bugs and Insects

Off the Beaten Path Exotic Thai Food: Bizarre Thai Food - Discovering Phuket

Don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting like deep-fried bugs and insects! You read that right – it’s a common street food in Bangkok or Phuket that locals love to munch on. From crispy grasshoppers to giant water bugs, these creepy crawlies are sure to satisfy your craving for something unusual. Don’t be put off by their appearance, though. These bugs are high in protein and low in fat, making them a nutritious snack that’s perfect for health-conscious travelers. So, the next time you’re in Bangkok or Phuket, be sure to give these deep-fried insects a try!

4. Chichen Feet (ตีนไก่)

Though you might squirm at the thought, these succulent little treats are packed with flavor and packed with collagen. In fact, they’re so popular in Thailand that even KFC has gotten on board! Whether you prefer them deep-fried or served in a spicy tom yum broth, chicken feet are a must-try for adventurous foodies looking to sample the best of what Thailand has to offer. So why not give them a try on your next trip to Thailand?

5. Fried Scorpions

The most daring snacks in Thailand: scorpions! Before you take a bite, be sure to double-check with the vendor that they’ve removed the stinger. You don’t want to be stung by a venomous tail! And beware, the taste can be a bit bitter and may leave you feeling unsure if you should have gone through with it.

6. Steam Tadpoles With Curry Paste (ห่อหมกหมกฮวก)

If you’re wondering what is the strangest dish Thailand has to offer, it just has to be this dish. Because even among Thai cuisine, Mok Huak, also known as developing tadpoles, is not commonly found. Wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled with fermented fish sauce, the tadpoles are seasoned with herbs and spices to counteract their foul odor.

7. Pigs blood

Luad Muu, a raw pig’s blood dish that’s not for the faint of heart! While some may turn their noses up at this daring delicacy, it’s beloved by adventurous eaters throughout the country. Typically paired with noodle soup, deep-fried noodles, or marinated pig intestines, Luad Muu is served raw with a variety of spices to enhance the flavor. While health experts may caution against the potential risks of consuming raw blood soup, this exotic food remains a common dish for locals.

8. Horseshow Crab (แมงดา)

Who says Thailand only has exotic foods? They’ve got exotic creatures too! Take the horseshoe crab, for example. This weird and wonderful creature has got not just one, but seven pairs of legs, nine eyes, and a tail that can sense light. Plus, it’s not even a real crab! It’s actually more closely related to spiders and scorpions.

9. Grilled Bee Hive (ลังผึงย่าง)

This unique dish will take you on a ride of flavors as you unwrap the banana leaf to reveal the warm and soft comb. But wait, there’s more! The dish comes complete with bee larvae, which are meant to be eaten together with the honeycomb.

10. Grilled Rice Field Mice (หนูนาย่าง)

Grilled rice field rat is a unique and bold Thai street food. The salt and chili seasoning enhances the flavor of the grilled rat, delivering a delicious and truly memorable taste that cannot be found anywhere else. Similar dishes can be found in other countries, such as guinea pig in Peru, kangaroo in Australia, and snake in China, all of which offer a unique and exotic culinary experience for adventurous eaters.

11. Grilled Chicken Intestine (เครื่องในไก่ย่าง)

Grilled Thai Chicken Intestine, affectionately known as “gut stick,” is a popular snack found in local markets. Skewered on bamboo sticks for easy grilling, this delicacy is a true feast for the senses. The savory and spicy aroma of the chicken intestine is enough to make your mouth water. Once cooked to perfection, the gut stick is typically served with a side of delicious barbecue sauce for dipping.

12. Grilled Chicken Butt (ตูดไก่ย่าง)

Yes, you read it right. Grilled Chicken Butt is a delectable Thai street food, renowned for its simplicity. As one of the most sought-after street foods in Bangkok and Thailand, it’s effortless to locate grilled chicken food stalls on every street corner.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the strangest and most exotic food in Thailand. From deep-fried insects to raw pig’s blood and grilled rat, Thailand has an abundance of exotic culinary offerings. There are many dishes that we have not covered, so if you come across any strange and unusual Thai dishes, leave a comment below. Do share your culinary adventures with us. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram in your photos if you do come across any of the dishes we’ve mentioned.

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